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Sending a gift to your Sponsored Child

Autumn is here and Christmas is just around the corner. With this in mind, you may be starting to think about sending a Christmas card or gift to your Sponsored Child in Thailand. 

All children love to receive gifts and for those without a family of their own a small item from a caring friend abroad can mean the world. 

Here's a few pointers on sending gifts.

  • All gifts must be sent via our London office. In the interest of child-safety we check them all before sending them on to Thailand.
  • As we will open all gifts, you may wish to send folded wrapping paper so we don't tear gifts open during our checks. 
  • Please keep items small and light. Bulky and heavy items are too costly to send on to Thailand. 
  • Please enclose a contribution towards postage costs to Thailand as this soon adds up for the charity.
  • Regrettably we can't send liquids, flammable items (like aerosols), food items, toy weapons or money.
  • You may send photos, letters, postcards, drawings etc but must not include any personal contact information of any kind.
  • Any donations of money received will be put towards a party fund for the children at the home that cares for your sponsored child. Money cannot be passed on to individual children.
  • If need advice on what to give, please contact Louise who will be happy to help.
  • Important: please ensure items reach our London office no later than 1st December 2017 in order to reach Thailand in time for Christmas. 


All gifts should be sent to:

Louise Hickmott
Safe Child Thailand
72 Venn Street
SW4 0AT 

If you have any questions please give our "Chief Sponsorship Elf", Louise, a call on 0207 602 6203 or email her at