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Keep mushrooms on the menu this Easter.

You’ve been providing school lunches for children living on Thailand’s border with Myanmar for over a decade. To date, your donations have served over a million nutritious meals to vulnerable children. Incredible!

When we began our Nutrition Programme on the border, we recognised the importance of assisting migrant schools to become more self-sufficient. With sustainability in mind, 11 schools were provided with their own mushroom huts. 

Did you know?

  • Each hut can produce 42kg of mushrooms per week.
  • Students help harvest the mushrooms for use in school lunches.
  • Mushrooms are a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein.
  • All surplus mushrooms can be sold at market for profit. 

Ten years on, these huts are still up and running but they take constant effort and expense to maintain. Your support can help keep mushrooms on the menu this Easter. 

You donations to this appeal will:

  • Maintain mushrooms huts at 11 migrant schools.
  • Provide training to help teachers get the most from their huts.
  • Enable staff and students to grow a nutrient-rich food source.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills of students and self-sufficiency of schools themselves. 

This Easter, please support our mushroom hut project so that more children can access the essential nutrition they deserve, every day.