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Ties for Thailand Schools Fundraising Day

This year we are launching Ties for Thailand - our first ever Fundraising Day designed especially for schools. 

Ties for Thailand takes place on Friday 6th October and asks teachers to encourage their students to dress up in silly hair ties, neck ties or bow ties in exchange for a £1 donation (or €1 in Ireland) to Safe Child Thailand.

Funds raised by schools through Ties for Thailand will ensure that thousands of vulnerable children receive the education they deserve. 

While education is free in Thailand, many families lack the resources to send their children to school. And as many as 11 million children between the ages of 5 and 17 are thought to be working in Thailand, either alongside or instead of going to school. Safe Child Thailand works with outstanding partners working tirelessly to prevent this.

Those children that have entered Thailand as migrants lack the right to attend mainstream schools. Safe Child Thailand's Nutrition Programme ensures upwards of 900 of these children receive regular nutritious meals, free of charge, to help them focus on their education, and in turn develop strong, healthy bodies and minds.

Teachers can download a Ties for Thailand Fundraising Pack at

Parents - please help us to spread to the word about our new Fundraising Day using the share links below. If you think Ties for Thailand would suit your child's class be sure to tell their teacher to get in touch with our Community and Events Fundraiser, Kim at and she'll be delighted to help.