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Child Protection

“Every child has the right to be protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and to be supported by robust social safety nets and justice systems”

Thailand has one of the worst reputations for the sexual exploitation of children and child trafficking in the world. Vulnerable children in Thailand face multiple risks. 

In red light districts children are often groomed for sexual abuse. 

Children are often subjected to forced labour in the construction, fishing, agriculture, rubber and manufacturing industries.

Children are targeted by drug traffickers to act as mules, shaping them into future criminals and drug addicts.

Safe Child Thailand believe that child protection measures and systems must be strengthened and broadened to protect Thailand’s children from these abuses.

We support:

  • Projects that work with the Thai government and independently to protect children from abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation
  • Projects that provide safe refuge, access to social services, welfare and legal representation
  • Projects that deliver child protection training and resources to service providers
  • Projects that work to protect and rehabilitate children working in the sex industry

Featured Project:

1387: Thailand’s 24–hour Child Helpline

Bangkok Province, ThailandChildren looking for help in Thailand often do not know where to begin. Locating the appropriate basic services can take calls to dozens of phone numbers just to make the right connection. Children often give up before they ever get the help they need.

Yet in the age of mobile phones these children are just a few taps away from accessing support and protection. But they need to know who to call to make use of the safety net at their fingertips.

Safe Child Thailand supports the national child helpline for Thailand, “1387”. The 24-hour helpline provides children across Thailand with trusted and reliable access to protection, health and welfare services, as is their right under the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child.

Every child who dials the 1387 number has access to:

  • Over-the-phone professional counselling, psycho-social support and conflict resolution guidance
  • Referral service to ensure each case is passed to the police, courts, social services, or relevant local support group/service
  • Intervention by Childline staff i.e. emergency response, welfare planning, rehabilitation
  • Individual case management, to ensure each child’s case is assessed, followed up and channelled through the correct legal and social systems

The call centre is the direct link between vulnerable children and support services. With increased funding for awareness raising campaigns and more call centre staff, we believe we can reach over three times this amount in the coming years.

In 2016 the call centre answered 40,000 calls from children in need of support and protection.

You can use your own mobile phone to keep the call centre running 24-hours a day - keeping children connected and protected.

Text CALL20 £10 to 70070 to donate £10 today.

(UK mobiles only, standard network rates apply.)